This is a homepage, although it might be a bit too sparse to attract anybody.
My name is Nikolas and I occasionally do some coding for either work, myself,
or free software projects. Some of the many projects in my devel/projects/
folder can be downloaded here. This is also the main purpose of this page since
I don't get around to actually designing it properly.

is a bash script that dynamically controls the fan on the T60
ThinkPad. It is derived from the tp-fancontrol script by Thinker and Spiney
from thinkwiki.org (http://thinkwiki.org/wiki/Talk:Code/tp-fancontrol).

For more information please read the README.

t60-fancontrold, version

source package
(developed on/for Fedora 7,
SuSE Linux 10.1)
rpm package (coming soon)
(built for Fedora 7)

xfce4_build_sh is a bash script that automates the compilation, installation and
binary package building (e.g. rpm, deb) of xfce4 src packages (http://xfce.org).
I wrote it to make it easier and faster for me to keep up with changes in xfce's
SVN, but it is of course suited for stable xfce4 releases as well.
Despite the name, it can be used for similar purposes, e.g. I also use it to
compile and install e17 CVS.

Read more about xfce4_build_sh and the requirements in the README file
contained in the packages below.

xfce4_build_sh, version 0.6.4

source package
rpm package xfce4_build_sh-0.6.4-0.noarch.rpm